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Hello, welcome to my site!  My name is Krista and I love Jesus; I am insanely close to my family; and I am obsessed with all things coffee and basketball!  I've got a big personality and I love to laugh! Oh and also, my hair changes like the days of the week! LOL

I am created to be a people loving, God fearing, creative being, who loves connecting with others and further, connecting others to others. I am an encourager that wants all people to live a free life by being their most authentic, true self.

The Ugly Duckling Brand focuses on raw, authentic and unapologetic conversations about the daily struggles of pain, in all forms. The only way to fight pain is to expose its lies. I believe every women should have someone to talk to because too many women suffer in silence.

I hate pain. I hate its attack on the mind, the body, and the soul.  Although we are not entitled to a life without pain, I am so ready to shine light on pain and expose the it for ALL of its lies!

I hate the lies we believe from others and worst of all, from ourselves.  I hate how easily we allow insecurity, rejection, depression, and hurt to shape our Looking-Glass Self, which is the development of one’s self and of one’s identity through one’s interpersonal interactions within the context of society (Charles Horton Cooley, 1902).  I am ready to dismantle negative talk and foreboding thoughts towards oneself and I am ready to implement the truths and promises that Scripture brings as the Word of God.

My purpose is to find purpose in my pain. My purpose is to speak life into women by creating systems and processes for them to live authentic, to live free and to live unapologetic and raw; this includes personal healing plans. To do this, I want to help women find a safe, trustworthy spiritual mentor as well as to help them unlock the God given tools they already have and combine them with their power and authority under the Holy Spirit, to reveal their true identities and personalities.

Along with being a painKILLER, I am also a speaker, emcee, writer, and spoken word artist.  My purpose is to speak life into women by helping them understand their power and authority when partnered with the Holy Spirit!

I would be honored to speak at your event! I can be booked to emcee/host your next event or conference, to perform spoken word and to speak a powerful message to amplify the message of your event!

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